Seashell Centerpieces will decorate your tables at your wedding and create the mood

Seashell centerpieces are the most noticeable item on the tables to guests when they walk into a reception. It pulls the whole theme of the room together. They can be very simple and effective and nothing more than a colored candle, but done with some thought can create amazing mood for your wedding event. Remember, in many cases, less is more.

One of my favorite things to use is sand! Sand and shells go together so well - add some candles and a couple pieces of sea grass and voila! You have a magnificent centerpiece!

You just need to find the "perfect" glass container This is the taller version of the glass container. Use a pillar candle, it can be a color if you wish to incorporate the theme of your wedding,add sand and seashells.

This is the perfect way to utilize a natural conch shell as your table decoration. You can incorporate color by adding fresh orchids. These shells can be expensive if you are purchasing them, but if you are having a small wedding it is worth it. A florist will rent them to you.

You can purchase giant conch shells and do the centerpieces yourself.

This is an effective way of incorporating color with the glass and by scattering the seashells you incorporate your theme

This glass fishbowl is filled with sand and shells and a small pillar candle. What I think is very effective is the addition of the tuille that has been wrapped around the base of the fish bowl to add color - great idea

This is one of my favorites because I love the giant Monstero leaves - they are so tropical. I use them whenever I can in decorating for a beach theme wedding.

One of my all-time favorite websites for do-it-yourself ideas for a beach wedding, or any type of wedding for that matter is Save-on-Crafts You must check it out - you will not be disappointed!!

This is a natural look. You can find inexpensive lanterns and embellish theme with curly willow or twigs and then add your shells.

Okay - this centerpiece does not have any seashells in it, but it is very unique and would be perfect if you added an accent of a few real seashells! This is a centerpiece that can be made easily by you. You just need a few components- plates as a base, brown bamboo, pillar candles and as you can see, loose greenery and some flowers, in this case orchids.

This table decoration incorporates artificial greenery and seashells to make beautiful flowers - wow! They are really pretty and can be used again. These kinds of centerpieces can be given as gifts to your guests. A small marker under the seat of a guest at a table indicating that they take home the seashell centerpieces is always nice touch.

These open glass bowls can be purchased inexpensively at a craft store and filled with sand, add your shells and candles to create a beautiful beach themed centerpiece. TIP - If you place your centerpiece with candles on a small mirror (can be purchased at a Home Depot) you will get double the reflection from your candles. I have used this countless times for seashell centerpieces at weddings.

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