A seashell bouquets are a creative alternative to fresh flowers!

Seashell bouquets are a great alternative to fresh flowers at a beach wedding for several reasons. First, no spoilage. You do not have to worry about the weather with seashells. Delicate flowers on the beach can sometimes pose a problem. And cost, fresh flowers can be very expensive depending on your choices. You can go ahead and make your bouquets well ahead of time. They can become a keepsake, something that can truly be handed down.

Here are some pictures to give you some ideas of what can be done~

This bouquet shows you how to incorporate color. The shells have a soft pink hue to them which has been accented with the ribbon.

To see where you can purchase these gorgeous bouquets

Here is a magnificent white wedding bouquet that incorporates pearls into it's elegant look. Adding jewelry can give your bouquet a look of elegance, color and personal signature. Even adding a fresh flower or two if you wish, even pearls - very elegant!

This is a very natural look that could be put together yourself.

By adding the aqua ribbon, color is brought into the theme.

The beautiful pink, mauve and lavender are the theme here in this great example of what you can carry down the aisle.

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